Sunday, 5 October 2008

Another week...and I am just about here

Well just to prove that I am still here I thought a quick comment about the most recent shenanigans at some of our most prestigious law firms would be worthwhile.

Halliwells, following the lay offs in its real estate team now seems to lining up the corporates for unemployment. PEPs were up over the £400k mark last year and well I maybe the partners will allow themselves a slightly smaller share of the profits (if there are any!) this year.

Eversheds are next up, having made the slight and most likely school boy error of posting a job advert for a real estate legal secretary online mere hours after they fired their previous group of legal secretaries. Maybe I am just too cynical, thinking that a firm of Eversheds calibre might actually have thought through the ramifications of what they were doing.

As RollonFriday points out law firms just aren't playing fair with those employees they are doing away with.