Saturday, 5 July 2008

From purple to grey...

After last week's purple patch of caselaw that sent to the Social Housing sector into collective apoplexy, this week has been ever so slightly dull...(I know I shouldn't complain).

I have been mulching around to see what has actually happened? My bottle of Asahi in hand, all I have come up with is:-

1. That a tolerated trespasser is liable for mesne profits when overstaying in his former dwelling only up to the point he decides to give up possession and move out his belongings...that's right Merton LBC v. Jones finally came out on the Times Law Reports.

2. That the Housing and Regeneration Bill has been amended to make allowances for homeless applicants with families. Check it out here.

...I suppose this spare time gives me a chance to check out the finer things in life. Doesn't it??


Nearly Legal said...

Court of Appeal on Gilboy, demoted tenancies and Article 6 (it isn't breached) was about it for case law.

Widespread fraud against RSLs and Lmabeth blowing 4 million on rent ing temporary accommodation it didn't use was entertaining, though.

Ethan said...

Yep Gilboy was it, shame after last week! ...I am not sure why that Inside Housing article didn't surprise me - housing isn't the leanest sector in the world. MAybe everyone has stuck their heads in the ground after last week!! lol