Thursday, 31 July 2008

The new Lord Chief Justice

The gloriouslly named Sir Igor Judge is the new Lord Chief Justice as of the 1st October.

Sir Igor Judge (I do so love that name!) will replace Lord Phillips, who in turn id to replace Lord Bingham as Senior Law Lord.

In a statement, Sir Igor said: “For my own part, I have already decided to continue as head of criminal justice. Although, like Lord Phillips, I intend to sit across all the jurisdictions, I shall preside regularly in the Court of Appeal Criminal Division.

“This reflects my personal interest in the criminal justice system and the importance attached to it by the community at large. Reflecting my concern for the interests of the country as a whole, regular visits to courts outside central London will also be an essential part of my timetable.

“Like Lord Phillips, I am utterly committed to the principle of judicial independence. The principle is deeply imbedded in our history and our culture and, in the public interest, it must not be undermined or damaged inadvertently or by neglect.”


rehoused said...

Interesting piece about Sir Igor in this months Private Eye. Worth a read.

rehoused said...

doh meant the latest issue of Private Eye

Ethan said...

Thanks reHoused, but unfortunately I haven't got a copy lying around lol, any chance of enlightening us (by "us" I mean me obviously!!)

Its just the name that gets me...nevermind

house said...

Just an interesting article about his involvement with various miscarriages of justice :)

Nearly Legal said...

Hi Ethan, are you still alive?

Some of us are keen for more postings...